AvalonYachts organizes private events

March 3, 2016 Events, News

For Dutch Yachtbuilders, AvalonYachts foregoes the traditional boat show format. Instead it stages promotional private events, supported by Amsterdam Trade, a Dutch governmental initiative to connect regional enterprises to business opportunities abroad. Several Dutch brands are invited to participate in these Hong Kong and Zhuhai events in May:

  • May 12

Along with the Dutch government, AvalonYachts will host a promotional Dutch boating event at “The Peak,” home of the Dutch Consulate General.

  • May 14-15

AvalonYachts intends to co-sponsor 2 one-day sailing events exposing Avalon Yachts and associated yards to guests of a prestigious private banking company.

  • May 17

AvalonYachts will stage a private event at the exclusive Nansha Marina yacht club whose members will be direct prospects.

The events are intended to bring wealthy Chinese willing to buy yachts into direct contact with Dutch shipyards. If your dream is to own a Dutch luxury yacht, you can contact AvalonYachts directly via our contact page.

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